Obscure As Ever

So, no views yet. Lol. So I wasn’t just being pessimistic!! Ha. Well, I don’t know how anyone would find this blog anyway. Oh well.

Well, as long as it’s just me, I might as well say a little bit about whats going on in my life. Here is a list of my friends from school*:

Better: She was really rude to me and everyone else in the past, but now she’s getting better about it. But don’t be surprised if there is a future post about her.

Perfect: As you could probably tell by the name, she’s perfect. Perfect hair, face, body, grades… except she can be pretty mean sometimes, she seems to switch between crazy nice to crazy rude. She says she likes me, but I’m not so sure…

Grade: She is super smart. The problem is, she knows it. She constantly corrects and gloats. But otherwise, she’s a good friend.

Best: She’s my best friend. She isn’t mean, rude, or know-it-allish. But we aren’t in the same class this year so I’m scared we’ll grow apart…

So those are my school friends! I’m sure you’ll see them mentioned in future posts!

See ya later,

Confused cat

*These are only my school friends, I’m only mentioning the because I spend the most time with them. Also, these are obviously not their real names. 🙂


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