Heyyoo!! I’m back! I was gone for a few months- guess I just got distracted. So, I have a few updates to discuss regarding friendships.

In a post back in September, I talked about my “friends.” Well, 2 of those people aren’t my friends anymore. Better and Grades.

I basically don’t hang out with them anymore, I don’t sit with them, Bestie or Perfect during lunch at all. I’m still kinda friends with Bestie and Perfect, I just don’t see them as much.

Bestie isn’t my best friend anymore. She decided that she is also best friends with two other people, so basically I went from her #1 friend to her #3 friend. And guess who her new #1 is. Perfect herself. Hooray. Bestie and I still hang out and stuff, we’re just not besties anymore. Which is really sad.

I never mentioned Sun. She is probably my closest friend, I’ve known her since 2nd grade. But, I’m not her best friend. She has a different best friend, let’s call her Cloud, who she’s known since she was a baby. Sun said herself that Cloud was “her bestest friend in the whole world” and that she “couldn’t imagine life without her.” Great.

Another one of my close friends is Pink. She is kind of just a school friend, I’ve never hung out with her outside of school before. I think we could definitely become best friends, but she already has a super close friend. Guess. Yup, her closest friend is Perfect. WHY??

Another kinda close school friend is France. France is definitely a potential best friend, but she makes it pretty clear that she already has a best friend. Why is it so hard to get people to like me? I’m not anyone’s favorite friend, and it sucks.


Confused Cat


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